Kale Chips, anyone?

Kale Chips

It is time for me to start eating healthy foods with my new workout routine and all, hence begins my search for health foods. Actually, more than searching for health foods, I have been looking for vegetables that are not potatoes, ideally green in colour and leafy.

I recently got to know about #KaleSmoothies (yes, it comes with a hashtag because it deserves a hashtag). What is Kale you ask? Well, it is one of the cousins in the cabbage family and are real good health-keepers.

Apparently, weight-watchers have it almost every day because of it is said that Kale aids in weight loss and is great for detox! Ok, so I am already convinced about including Kale in my diet but, don’t you ever wonder, how do those green-smoothie drinkers survive on it? Yeah? Me too! Like how do they really get that enthusiasm to make a fresh Kale smoothie every single morning and gulp it down! I am not that motivated yet. I need good recipes of these otherwise boring health foods, so that I do not cheat on them.

I would be ok with green crispies or chips or something that can make health foods, semi-healthy foods. Well, technically, there is no such thing as semi-healthy foods as once you fry or overcook a vegetable, it becomes as useless as having anything else that is termed unhealthy. But then again, when someone says Kale Chips, you hope it is healthier than the yummy potato chips that you actually would like to have. And then you eat it just to satiate your hunger and tell everyone that you eat only diet food (pretentious me). Just FYI, starchy potato have been shamed for long but people forget that it is a vegetable too (like us, humans) and has a different combination of nutrients (just like our feelings). Well, I shall talk about my favourite potatoes another day. Today, I am determined to find me a way to include Kale that I can have instead of the same old spinach and lettuce that I usually have.

I found this Tropical Kale Smoothie recipe, which is so much better than the monstrous green smoothie, which I detest. I also like this Kale Slaw recipe by Goodhousekeeping.com, it definitely goes to my to-make-list. However, what I couldn’t get my mind off of is Baked Kale; I think I will like it! Here’s the recipe I have chosen: Baked Kale Chips Recipe by Martha Stewart.

Normally, a portion of baked Kale chips would contain only about 100 calories (I read this somewhere). Plus, it is high in fibre, which means it helps in digestion and elimination too! Kale contains essential vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium and iron. Kale is a great choice of vegetable for calcium deficiency. In fact, Kale has more calcium content than milk! Read about the top 10 health benefits of eating kale.

I discovered this great tip for storing chips or keeping chips crunchy for longer: Simply fill an air-tight container with about two handfuls of rice (grain) and then place the chips over it. The grains will dry out the moisture, keeping the chips in their original form for longer.

Got a recipe suggestion for me? Please mail us.

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